Traditional Food- Gather, Prepare, Cook

Abalone Harvest


Our family harvests red abalone from our Pacific Coastline in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.  Unfortunately, the state has closed the abalone season until at least 2021 due to the imbalance of our environment.

Pacific Salmon


We fish for local salmon and enjoy cooking the fish using traditional methods of roasting on cleaned redwood sticks over coals.

Deer Harvest


Annually, we hunt in hopes of harvesting deer as the basis of food for family and community celebrations as well as for the foundation of our jewelry and basketry awls.

Pacific Coast Seaweed


We gather seaweed from our Sonoma and Mendocino County Coastlines and enjoy sharing our bounty with our family and community elders.

Acorn Harvest


In the fall, we gather our local acorns in the ways of our ancestors.  After harvesting, we dry, crack, clean, and grind our acorn for acorn meal to share with others during celebrations and ceremonies.

Traditional Herbal Tea


We gather our local teas along the hills of the Pacific Coastline to use for medicine, rejuvenation, and recreation.